Pastel Flowers and Earthy Scrolled Mandala

16 inch pastel and earthy toned mandala

Pastel Blooms and Earthy Scrolls 16 inch Mandala

In my latest artistic endeavor, I embarked on the creation of a 16-inch mandala on MDF board. This vibrant piece is a celebration of pastel flower swooshes dancing harmoniously with earthy-toned counterparts. The border of the mandala unveils intricate earth-toned scrolls adorned with textured dots, adding a tactile dimension to the piece. The centre circle is a large 3d plaster circle, painted with the pastel palette.

As I painted the curves and swirls, a symphony of colors unfolded. Pastel flowers delicately blended, creating a soft and enchanting atmosphere, while earthy-toned swooshes added depth and grounded energy. The border, a tapestry of earth-toned scrolls, weaved a story of intricate patterns enhanced by textured dots, inviting viewers to explore the nuances of touch.The pastel hues whispered tranquility, and the earthy tones spoke of rooted connections to nature.

This piece, with its delicate pastel blooms and earthy scrolls, captures a moment in time—a moment where colors and textures converge to tell a visual story. It invites you to immerse yourself in a world where floral elegance meets earthly richness, creating a mandala that breathes life into the very essence of nature’s beauty. 

‘I hope this mandala brightens your day!

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