Gold, Yellow and Blue 16 Inch Mandala

“Gold & Blue Mandala”, 30cm Round MDF Board, Acrylic

In November 2023, I delved into a vibrant creative journey, crafting my first 16-inch acrylic paint mandala on a round MDF board. I adorned it with a dazzling gold rhinestone at its centre, to add that extra touch of glamour!

For this artistic endeavor, I chose traditional dotting techniques and patterns, utilizing dotting tools and round acrylic brushes. Seeking a balance between organic and inorganic shapes, I introduced a large square element within the circles. To elevate the visual allure, gradient colours were carefully selected, breathing life into each design element.

Working with JoSonja paints proved to be a delight; their quality enhanced the overall vibrancy of the piece. Following the meticulous painting process, I sealed the mandala with a high gloss varnish, adding a glossy finish that enhances both the colours and texture.

This 16-inch mandala was not just a canvas; it was a playground of experimentation and discovery. Creating it was a joyful experience, and the lessons learned during its making have enriched my artistic journey. As this radiant mandala finds its place, I invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating fusion of colours, patterns, and textures that make it a truly unique piece in my collection.

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