About Lorraine Kelly – LozsArt

Embracing art as a full-time pursuit since 2023, I’ve journeyed from self-taught enthusiast to dedicated acrylic painter of mandalas. My artistic journey began around the age of 40, seeking a creative outlet to complement my role as a mother and part-time worker. Teaching myself art through books, online resources, and courses, my passion for creativity flourished. During this period I published seven Adult Colouring Books.

In 2023, I made the transition from digital art to acrylic painting on canvases, delving into the world of mandalas and integrating elements from Celtic traditions, folk arts, and medieval illuminations. Inspired by my daily walks along the serene Collie River, I aim to infuse my creations with tranquility and harmony.

Now fully committed to my craft, I aim to sell my mandala art to homes and businesses.

Lorraine Kelly