My new Adult Colouring Pages listed on Etsy!

I am proud to announce that I have listed my revised adult colouring pages in my Etsy Store. They are available as either an instant digital download or as prints on 200gsm uncoated paper that are suitable for watercolours. If you purchase the instant PDF download, I recommend having them printed on a laser printer as inkjet ink will bleed. Officeworks or your local printer will print them for you. Officeworks charges under 30 cents a page and you can order them online to collect in store or have them posted to you.

To see how these sheets hold up to watercolour pencils, you can watch my video tutorial on colouring with watercolour pencils and Prismacolour pencils. I was very happy with the quality of the pages. As they are professionally printed, the ink does not bleed at all when the page is wet to blend the watercolour pencils.

To look at the digital downloads on etsy click here, or for the printed pages

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In the example above, I used Inktense pencils, Faber Castell Watercolour pencils and Prismacolour pencils. The Inktense pencils lay down a vibrant base layer, and then you can shade lightly on top of the base layers with your colour pencils, or put down more watercolour layers.

This mandala design is surrounded by a circular Celtic knot. I found the repeating patterns make colouring this design meditative and relaxing. I hope you will enjoy colouring it too!

Please check out my new Adult Colouring pages listed in my Etsy store and feel free to ask any questions you may have. Hopefully my video tutorial on adult colouring will provide you with some colouring tips and ideas.

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