Celtic Knot Dragon Colouring Page Completed

I have finished the revision of one of my favourite Celtic designs for my next Adult Colouring Book. The main dragon design is an adaptation of one contained in the “Book of Kells”. The dragon has a body that is an intricate Celtic Knot design that is interlaced with baby snake-like dragons.

The Book of Kells is a beautiful illustrated Gospel book that is believed to have been created in 800 AD and is one of Ireland’s national treasures.

The Book of Kells contains illustrations of mythical creatures, animals, humans and Celtic knot designs. These intricate designs are still an inspiration for those of us that love creating Celtic Knot designs.

With this revision, I added some rendering and the cheeky little baby snake-like dragons for the borders. These dragons add some whimsy to the more traditional Celtic Knot design of the main circular dragon.

This Adult Colouring page will be used in my next Colouring book that will be printed on quality paper suitable for any serious colourist.

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